Afterschool Programs

Growing Tree Learning Center provides afterschool supervision and homework assistance in a safe, supervised environment.

Our expert teachers provide instruction and tutoring in Chinese, English and Math for 1-7th graders. Our school instills confidence while upholding traditional family values.

Students in our afterschool program have the option of being picked-up and driven to our location from three neighboring school districts.

Pricing and Hours

 Four Week Session Fee (includes snacks)  
               Five Days  $380  $480
               Four Days  $350  $430
               Three Days  $310  $370
 Staff Learning Days (per day)     $25    $20
 Transportation Fees
 (per session, estimated)

 Recess Daycare (per day)
 Daycare Lunch (per day)

Parents and guardians are still required to submit tuition for holidays. See the Growing Tree Holiday Schedule for dates on the back page.

Parents are expected to call the Center if a child is unable to attend class. There are no refunds for those missed days and no make-up classes.

If your child becomes sick at the Center, parents will be notified immediately and are expected to pick-up their child. If the Center is unable to contact the parent(s), the Center will contact the designated caretaker.

A written notice is required 30 days prior to the withdraw date. If a proper withdraw notice is not given to the school, the deposit will be forfeited.

If you refer a child to our Afterschool Program who later enrolls, we will give you a $20.00 gift card!

To register for the Afterschool Program,  Contact Us to schedule an appointment. 

To register for the Afterschool Program,  Contact Us to schedule
an appointment.

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