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Growing Tree Learning Center is an English-Chinese Bilingual school which was first established in 2004. Our afterschool program is available for children from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Over the past few years we have received many positive feedbacks from parents about our indoor and outdoor facilities, quality curriculums, and excellent teaching staffs. Our curriculum incorporates a learning system for the Chinese language called "IQ Chinese", which helps children to learn speaking, listening, reading, and typing Chinese through interactive programs. Each student is assigned a laptop during class, and by utilizing multimedia programs in the process we are able to provide a lively learning environment for students to learn the language.

Our school has always followed the principle of "growing in love and learning with fun," and has always strived to assert high standards in the qualities of our curriculums, facilities, and teaching staffs. In addition to focuses on English and Mathematics, we also offer various enrichment programs including Kung Fu, Chinese Go, Abacus, Phonics, Reading Comprehension, and Writing to our afterschool students. Our students average 30~40 WPM in Chinese typing, and perform extremely well in school. We also provide homework assistance so that parents can have one less thing to worry about at home.

We will continue to maintain and expand our services to you in the future, and we hope you will continue your trust and support in us.


小狀元教育學苑成立於2004年,是一所中英文雙語學校。本校的課後輔導課程,服務K~7年級。由於設計精湛,師資優秀,再加上廣闊的戶外遊戲空間,深獲家長的好評。尤其我們的中文教學,獨步灣區,本校採用〝IQ Chinese〞電腦打字學中文,小朋友們上課時人手一部手提電腦,老師運用多媒體教學方式,生動有趣,讓孩子們在上中文課時,不再煩燥無奈而是滿心歡喜,課室裡經常充滿笑聲,歡樂融融。



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